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Princess Rescue

Age 5Whitley Bay, UK

This idea has been brought to life

Fabulously talented animator Chloe Rodham brought princess rescue to life! She says about the idea,

'I loved the twist on a traditional princess and the idea that Princess Rescue has everything she needs to carry out daring rescue missions herself. Nina thought of everything from light up eyes to super strength hair – it was so fun to incorporate all of these great ideas into the model and think of the materials that would be suitable for the job'

She combined the Princess Rescue with the Robot Water Blaster, by Emelia age 6 in the form of an extremely detailed model. Theyr'e a real super hero team! Click on the maker blog to see how she made them!

Maker blog entries

Chloe Rodham has been working on making this idea real.
Princess Rescue Making-of
Posted by Chloe Rodham

Princess Rescue had lots of details in the design drawing by Nina. I used a drilled ping-pong ball to create the round face shape and added details using epoxy clay Milliput. For her strong hair I mixed in strands of steel cable with the hair-like wool fibre, adding a grapple hook onto one of the strands so that she could hang from the window. She has strips of facecloth tying her hair up as Nina had the idea that she could use these as towels.  I used optic fibre connected from under the house structure, through her body to make her eyes light up. The dress is made up of sections of plastic bag so that it would be waterproof. I designed the rescue snack labels in Photoshop and printed them out, gluing them onto bake-able clay shapes. The feet are also made from bake-able clay and painted silver to give them a heavy weight look and the arms have knitted sleeves to make them extra comfortable for the heated life saving hugs!