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Pogo pencil

Age 8London, UK

This idea has been brought to life

Hali's fun and inventive Pogo pencil was brought to life by product designer and Magnificent maker, Ella Merriman.

She used a bouncing ball with secret paints underneath to create a pogo stick that draws as you bounce! See more on Ella's blog post about the pogo pencil!

Hali had a fab time bouncing around and coming up with her own compositions.

The finished patterns can be drawn into to create your own pieces of art!

Maker blog entries

Ella Merriman has been working on making this idea real.
Final Product!
Posted by Ella Merriman

I am really happy with the final outcome of this project and I hope that Hali is too! I had a great time making her invention and trying it out and it was lovely seeing her and her friends using it as well. They invented their own game where you could use the paint splats to draw doodles and images when you have finished bouncing.

Posted by Ella Merriman

To make the pogo pencil I decided to use a child's bouncy hopper and then build the invention around that. I used an industrial cardboard tube and was able to attach it to the hopper footplate using small screws and a right angle drill. I sprayed the tube in the bright colours that Hali chose in a striped pattern. 

In order to make the pogo pencil draw when you bounce I attached two Posca paint markers into the cardboard tube under the footplate. I could then inflate the hopper's ball inside the cardboard tube and it held the pens in place.

The Beginning
Posted by Ella Merriman

I had to do a lot of brainstorming before I was able to begin making the Pogo Pencil because there are many practical problems to overcome. Firstly that the finished product will need to hold a child's weight and also that the pens will need to be able to function without being bent or broken. It would also be cool if the pens could be replaced when they have run out. My initial ideas and rough sketches can be seen below.