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Park Move and Recharge

Age 8Gaeta -Latina, Italy

This idea has been brought to life

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Giulia has been working on making this idea real.
Posted by Giulia

Sounds and music are on! 
There are tiny details still to be addressed but it is almost done!

First frames
Posted by Giulia

Here there are the first seconds of the animation. The city at the beginning is very polluted. In this way the benefits of the invention will be more clear as. I will probably ad more cars and smog clouds. 

The next step will be animating the playground.
As last step i will add sounds and music too, for now it is too premature.

More context!
Posted by Giulia

We started working on the context where the story takes place. The places will be mainly the city and the playground. It would be nice to sort of show the difference between before and after. Like to have a very polluted city that becomes more liveable if kids and parents use the Park Move and Recharge.

Posted by Giulia

Here some coloured sketches of the playground!!

Posted by Giulia

Together with Anna (my collaborator) we came up with a few sketches that will form the storyline. First of all we defined the characters features and then the environment. I think this gets pretty much in the direction we discussed and it is our aim to be as faithful as possible to Francesco's drawing.