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Age 11Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Canada

This idea has been brought to life

Going into space is quite extraordinary, but our astronauts still need to do most of the things that we all do on Earth, like play! The Magneton enables them to enjoy puzzles,just the way we do!

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Catalina Villegas Burgos has been working on making this idea real.
Posted by Catalina Villegas Burgos

The magneton has come to life! I made two illustrations that I proposed to the inventors for them to choose. We made a Skype video-call and we discussed of making a new illustration modifying what they liked the most from both: instead of a Mars landscape with no characters or a Moon landscape with a girl astronaut, they suggested a Mars landscape with the girl astronaut and her pet dog astronaut. I printed the jig-puzzle pieces on card stock instead of magnetic paper because the magnets were not strong enough to hold on to the game board. I glued the pieces with hot glue and left it uncompleted as if it was "in progress". It was really fun to make!