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Magic Magnet Plastic Catcher

Age 7London, UK

This idea has been brought to life


Inspired by Ariel and all sea creatures, Hanna, age 7 from London, thought of the Magic Magnet Plastic Catcher as a way to clear up plastic from the Oceans!

We received lots of exciting inventions inspired by four Disney Princesses, including ways to help to protect sea wildlife with Ariel, or get inspired by Merida's bravery to create an invention that conquers your fears. Or you could choose to give a hand to someone in need with Jasmine or invent a way to look after nature with Rapunzel!

The Magic Magnet Plastic Catcher was brought to life in the form of this detailed Illustration by Disney animator Mark Henn, who also animated Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, Mulan, and Belle!

You can see Hanna swimming alongside her invention in this magical drawing!

Check out Hanna's beautiful original drawing!

Talking about her invention, she said

“Rubbish in the ocean causes big problems for sea life big and small, and also makes the ocean really dirty and poisoned. The Magic Magnet Plastic Catcher helps by catching rubbish like plastic from the water using its jagged claws and presses the rubbish automatically so that it won't float around and pollute the ocean. Because my invention is on the ocean floor and can detect any live creatures, the sea will still look pretty and no sea life that lives around it will be harmed!”

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