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La Machine à Légos

Age 11Kirkland, QC, Canada

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am an animation student at OCAD University. I enjoy bringing stories to life through animation.  I love working to improve my skills by practicing!

My favourite colour is blue and I also love rabbits and cats.

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Starting the Animation!
Posted by Marisa Chan

I started animating some scenes this week! This clip shows the scene where the water bottle gets melted into a plastic blob.

Posted by Marisa Chan

I made some colour studies of a few scenes! This helps me decide which colours to use and what they look like together in the animation.

Planning the Animation!
Posted by Marisa Chan

I started planning out the animation with a storyboard. A storyboard is little drawings of each scene in the animation. These little drawings help me visualize each part of the animation!