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Flying rope

Age 6Sunderland, UK

This idea has been brought to life


Professional 3D product designer at Solid ideas. Andy created multiple CAD prototypes of our most ingenious inventions!

Magnificent maker7 brought to life

An invention idea by Chloe Main, age 6, recreated in 3D graphics by Andy Mattocks.

“The flipping Rope is a flying skipping rope. Like a normal skipping rope but with propellors and lights on the end. You can skip, you can fly, or you can skip while you fly. Propellors are battery powered. Make sure you land before they run out! Children will use it to skip to other countries and pilots who want more fun will use it too!” Chloe Main

The young inventor met with professional 3D product designer Andy Mattocks who asked Chloe further questions about her design and how it worked. He then went away and produced a series of computer generated 3D visuals of the invention as shown here.

“The new fun way to travel. Designed to and using colours given in the comprehensive specification and briefing provided by the client.” Andy Mattocks