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Age 12Calgary, Canada

This idea has been made real

St-Eugène, Ontario, Canada

I've loved making things since I was a kid, which led to me studying electrical engineering and having all kinds of "maker" related hobbies, from 3D printing and electronics to glass work. Professionally, I spread my love of science & engineering through Let's Talk Science's  outreach program. I love sharing my passion for understanding how things work and creating new inventions with kids across Canada, and giving other volunteers the tools they need to share their passion too!

Magnificent maker3 made real3 working on

This invention was made real in combination with the Solar System Family invention, in the form of this beautiful stained glass hanging.

Maker, Isabelle, explains ‘I cut the planets from stained glass. The "hologram" looking pictures inside the planets are made using the 3D printed lithophane technique - the thicker an area is, the darker it appears when backlit. Arduino electronics make it all come alive... thanks Little Inventors and NSERC for giving me this opportunity to bring Ella and Elena's invention to life'.

Remember to click on her makers blog (above) to find out all about how she brought the invention idea to life!