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Avión de semillas

Age 8Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

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Bolzano, Italy, Italy

I am a motion graphic desiger and founder of Tabula, a design studio based in Bozen for visual storytelling. We mainly use digital illustration,but we like to experiment. In the past two year we ventured in the realm of virtual/augmented reality.

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Giulia has been working on making this idea real.
Posted by Giulia

Here there are the first frames of the cartoon!

Posted by Giulia

These are some sketches of the panel control and the plane. I tried as much as possible to implement all Diego's instruction and I think all is taking an interesting  form

Posted by Giulia

Here's some stills in order to both arrange composition and colours. Still not sure about which one to choose but that will come outomatically along the process.
I outlined the intro scene and how the story will go from the title to its beginning.
I will now work more on the contrast between night/day, dryland/greenland and proceede with the story.

Posted by Giulia

Here I started by drawing some of the elements that will constitute the scenes.
As first I designed the plants. They are still in black and white because I want to focus on conposition first and later on the colour palette.

Posted by Giulia

Here there are the sketches for the main scenes of the video. I like the idea of a story where the Aviòn wakes up because it has detected somewhere in the world a sad flower in a dryland and starts its routine by flying over and re-greeinig the lands that laks plants and water.  I want to make sure to make visible in the video how the Aviòn stores enery during nigh-time, bad weather because I thought it was so clever!!
The next step will consist in digitalising and give colour to the sketches before animating them.