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A Smarter House

Age 10Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

This idea has been brought to life

Adriana's 'A Smarter House' was brought to life by the talented people at FaulknerBrownsArchitecture practice in Newcastle, in the form of an incredibly elaborate model which matches her extremely detailed design!

The completed smarter house model (All images provided by FaulknerBrowns architects)

Adriana got the chance to visit FaulknerBrowns to see the process in action.

Nathalie says ' Adriana’s Eco Friendly Smart House Invention is a fantastic proposal which cleverly combines sustainable technological innovations alongside inclusive design solutions. Her attention to detail is very impressive, Adriana has incorporated a series of small scale inventions such as rainwater harvesting, waste recycling, photovoltaic glazing and water recycling to make sustainable living a convenient choice in this home...'

Adriana explains her invention idea

Nathalie and Adriana discuss how architectural models are made

Adriana was a real part of the making process

Nathalie added '...It has been a pleasure to help Adriana develop her invention from a two-dimensional sectional drawing into a three-dimensional design solution. During her visits to FaulknerBrowns, she has been introduced to the many roles involved in the architectural professional and we hope the process has inspired her to consider a future career in Architecture.'

The Smarter House model even has lights!

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No Pollution Jacket
No Pollution Jacket

The final model took 60 hours to complete, and you can really tell, the details are magnificent!