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The National Festival of Making

Blackburn, UK

The National Festival of Making implement a year-round programme that combines art, manufacturing, making, and communities, in collaboration with national and international artists. They hold an annual festival weekend in Blackburn, free for all the family, where the artists and the community come together to showcase and celebrate their work.

We collaborated with them to bring you The Big Reinvention Challenge! Rooted in the theme of sustainability, the challenge looked to use things we already have as a starting point to create something new.

The children who took part learned that items and materials we already have can act as the tools and resources for an entirely new creation. We didn't want to see more old, unwanted things going in the bin, and in recycling and reusing, the children learned that the planet will thank them too. The ideas sent in ranged from fun, bonkers, ingenious, or simply very useful. 

We received nearly 500 submissions from schools across the country and three were made real and exhibited at the Festival of Making weekend in Blackburn in June 2022. To see more about the brought to life inventions and read the maker blogs click here!

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