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Dominic speaks at Beyond Tellerrand

Berlin, Germany

Dominic Wilcox, founder of Little Inventors, travelled to Berlin to speak on all things imagination and creativity at Beyond Tellerrand. At the conference, guest speakers discuss their journeys and thoughts on the world of art, design, and technology. 

Photos credited to florian.photo and @btconf (Twitter)

The founder of Little Inventors, Dominic Wilcox, headed over to Berlin to attend Beyond Tellerrand, an annual conference founded in 2010 by Marc Thiele. It is an opportunity to share your thinkings with others as much as an opportunity to learn from the other speakers presenting their ideas.

The term itself can be understood to mean 'beyond the edge', as such, an invitation to look further, think outside of the box. With a strong emphasis on community, the event is also a no-pressure, unpretentious opportunity to network. The idea is for those in attendance to leave inspired and brimming with their own fresh ideas based on their interactions and and all that was imparted during each talk.

Dominic at Beyond Tellerrand

Dominic as an artist and inventor took to the stage in front of his fellow creatives to deliver a speech akin to many of their own, a speech about his journey and his process in the world of design and technology. His talk was entitled 'The Reinvention of Normal'. He introduced us, Little Inventors, and discussed where ideas come from and how they can be developed. He offered guidance to the audience as to how to be more creative.

Dominic at Beyond Tellerrand

He also highlighted some of his own creations, such as his Stained Glass Driverless Car of the Future that was shown off at London's Science Museum and is now being exhibited at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Musician Tobi Lessnow would weave snippets of the prior speech into the ambient music that filled the room during breaks. We're sure Dominic enjoyed hearing his voice reverberate around the room following his own talk!

Dominic showing car

Designer Thomas Heatherwick has said that Dominic’s work poses "serious challenges to the real world to keep looking at itself with innocent eyes, wondering what else is possible". Such is the Little Inventors message, to take the ideas of young people seriously and to look to them for inspiration in relinquishing our own limitations and self-consciousness. You might say, their lead could implore us to look beyond the edge of what we think we are capable of as adults.

Dominic at Beyond Tellerrand

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