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Little Inventors launches in Chile

The Climate Champions Challenge has launched in South America.

Together with iCubo UDD, we are very excited to be able to offer the Challenge translated into Spanish, allowing more children to access the possibilities of invention and develop their knowledge about our planet.

iCubo UDD is a unique place in Chile, and one of the few academic centres in the world focused on developing innovation and an interdisciplinary approach.

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Originally devised with CRIN and the Rights Studio, the Climate Champions Challenge is all about inventing to protect our planet and its biodiversity. It helps children understand the issues our environment faces alongside flexing their problem solving skills and igniting their creativity.

We recognise the importance of children taking part in climate and environmental decisions. This collaborative project aims to show that children's input should be actively sought and listened to on matters that affect their present and their future. The Challenge has two overarching themes: biodiversity and living more sustainably.

Three Chilean schools are taking part in the Challenge, Pioneros Chicureo, Pioneros Maintecillo and Escuela Balneario Cachagua. At the end of July, the schools gathered to kick things off and start developing their ideas.

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The project is moving towards a very exciting conclusion. Following several weeks of STEM learning, imagining, and making, six top ideas concocted by two participating little inventors from each school will be brought to life and shown at Universidad del Desarrollo.

What is now just a bright idea will soon be a real life make. We eagerly anticipate the amazing inventions that the children will think up.

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We are a worldwide organisation and are always looking to extend our reach and offer challenges and events to young people across the globe. If you would like to discuss a project with us, email hello@littleinventors.org.