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Exciting collaborators onboard the Powering the Future challenge

The Powering the Future: South Tyneside and Beyond! challenge drew to a close for entries at the end of March. The challenge brought to participating children in Year 4 and Year 5 across South Tyneside the opportunity to explore the possibilities within renewable energy.

Whether they invented using wind or invented to create renewable energy from movement, they broadened their knowledge of the subject and used their imagination to come up with their own ways of harnessing power.

The making process for the challenge is officially underway. The winning children will imminently know of their victory and our talented team of makers will get started bringing their chosen invention idea to life.

We are thrilled to announce that several more companies are joining us on this creative journey. The admiration for the entries from children across South Tyneside was such that more of the best ideas from the challenge are being made real.

Steve Myers from North Star Renewables, Andy Page from Chartwell Marine, Francesca Harrison from Ryder Architecture, Chris Ford from Ford Aerospace/Engineering and Eddie Czestochowski from Cell Pack Solutions are now onboard the project.

Steve Myers says: "I see supporting the Little Inventors work with Dogger Bank as key to ensuring our future generations are engaged and ready to take on the challenges we face. Not only does this inspire and make real the ideas of the children, but the depth of their understanding and care for issues such as climate change is humbling and inspiring to those of us who walk before them, so that they may run.”

The generous contribution of their time and resources means Little Inventors and our challenge partners Dogger Bank Wind Farm and South Tyneside Council can make the spectacular ideas of children into reality and have even more of their brainpower on show at an exhibition at The Word in July.