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WIll Lentz

Brooklyn, NY, US



Skills:I am experienced in metal work/fabrication, carpentry, ceramics, and other media. Wood working is more in power tools, furniture, and millwork, and less in hand carving. From my design education, I am skilled at rapid prototyping and physical modeling in foams, plastics, alternative materials, and found objects to ideate in 3D. I don't always have access to a workshop, and sometimes have to make do with the kitchen table and basic hand tools. I am a general tinkerer at my worst.

Hi, there! I'm a maker and designer working at the intersection of craft, invention, and social interaction. Materials and people are my passions, and I believe everyday inanimate objects are just as important as digital tools for bringing people together. If I can't get into a workshop to build things, I'll find ways to tinker around my apartment. I've always got scraps of things laying around waiting to be used.