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Matthew Taylor

Edinburgh, east lothian, UK
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Skills:3D modeling, wood working

I'm an 18 year old designer in my first year at Edinburgh Napier university. I enjoy playing hockey and working on all the designs that we get to make on our uni course.

Recent blog entries

test fitting a bracket
Posted about The infibious bike by Archie

This is a test fit to make sure that the bracket fits in the forks and is able to be bolted in place, as well as making sure that the wheel is still able to spin easily. I realised after testing it that I needed to make the Bracket shorter.

making and assembaling wheel brackets
Posted about The infibious bike by Archie

to be able to turn the wheels other side and spin so that they are flat to the ground I have made a pair of brackets that bolt into the existing holes on the forks and allow the wheel to be attached the other way.

Hand rendering the invention
Posted about The infibious bike by Archie

I have hand rendered the amphibious bike invention as well as making a scale model of it.

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