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Matthew Estevens

Livingston, West Lothian, UK
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Skills:I enjoy sketching, rendering and model making.

I am a Designer currently studying at Edinburgh Napier. I have a passion for playing Handball and a love for all things food.

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The Rhino And The Robot: A Tale
Posted about Rhino saftey by Ava

When the Rhino is in danger, the Robot is able to sense a nearby poacher and quickly climb on the rhinos back to engage the shield which can block incoming bullets.

Ideas Come to Life
Posted about Rhino saftey by Ava

I have made a prototype of the Rhino Shield With Led lights to create a holographic effect, alongside a prototype of the Rhino head using cardboard. This was lots of fun to make due to the scale of project and loved seeing the progress of the models.

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