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Jingyi Zheng

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Job role:Illustrator

Skills:Hand Craft, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign,Procreate

Hi, I am Jingyi, - a bachelor of design in illustration from OCAD University, with more than 3 years of experience in the illustration design field.  I am a professional Handcraft and Digital Painting designer who likes using colourful paintings and abstract styles to express life and emotions. 

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Animation sketch
Posted about Lola's Seagull Umbrella by Lola

Create a rough draft of a story about Lola's umbrella. I thought of a girl who held a bag of French fries while walking with her parents. She met a group of seagulls and grabbed the French fries. The girl pressed the mechanism and popped out a beautiful umbrella with a black crow scaring away seagull.

Character Design
Posted about Lola's Seagull Umbrella by Lola

Before the project started, I analyzed several main characters through Lola's profile, 1, the seagull, 2, Lola herself or the little girl in a beautiful hat, and finally, the crow. Because the crow is in the hat, there is no design yet. After the style effect, Lola wants is determined, it will be further expanded.

First, I created for the girls, I used crayons, watercolours, markers, and coloured pencils to show the girls' naughty thoughts and other emotions, and I waited for Lola to tell me what she was looking forward to.

Then, I took many photos of seagulls to get a feel for the role setting of seagulls.

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