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Colin Robertson

Kyle of Lochalsh, ROSS-SHIRE, UK
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Skills:Model making, rendering, using scrap material, working with CAD.

I am from a very remote area of the North West Highlands near Isle of Skye but have come to Edinburgh to Study Product Design at Edinburgh Napier University. On the course, my year (first year) are working with a few third years on the "Wee Inventors" event at the uni.

Recent blog entries

Final Design
Posted about Travel Sick Glasses by Mirrian

I have finally put together the final model. I have used parts of the previous balsa wood model and upgraded them to suit the final design. The glasses work in the same way as the balsa model, with a flip-able screen / image. The glasses also have earphones which would play ambient sounds that remind you of home (or wherever the image shows). I have added foam as grip on the limbs of the glasses and also just to make the design a bit more interesting. I have also used black acrylic paint on the screen part to make it match the rest of the design. the image i have used for the model is a picture I took of a sunset where i am from. Sadly, once again, the glasses dont actually fit me or even my little brother so I dont have a model to wear them! I also cant really get great photos of the final design like I would normally for my course (good lighting and background etc.) because I am working from home but here are some photos anyway! This project was very enjoyable and I am happy with the final design. If i were to continue developing the design I would try make one that has the images in the lens rather than on a screen. Brilliant invention Mirrian!

Laser cutting
Posted about Travel Sick Glasses by Mirrian

I started working on a final model made of acrylic about a week ago (this was before the university had pretty much closed). These are some pictures from the laser cutting process that I managed to get done just in the nick of time! These parts will be stuck together with an acrylic weld, then I will use some parts of the balsa model for the final details.

Balsa Wood Model
Posted about Travel Sick Glasses by Mirrian

This is a model made from balsa wood and cardboard that I made a about a week ago (only just catching up with the blog entries now). The wood is scrap from previous models I have made and I cut up some broken headphones to use as details for the model. The cardboard is from a box that had a hinged fold sort of thing already made for me so it was perfect for this project. Sadly the model doesn't really fit me (I tried a few times but kept breaking it)!

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