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Claire Ward Thornton

Hackney, London, UK




Job role:Art Educator

Skills:Claire is a mural painter and visual artist who works in both 2D and 3D disciplines. Claire works with a variety of materials including paper, cardboard, willow and recycled waste creating 3D models and sculptural structures for exhibitions and installations. Claire is often guided by the unique qualities of the material which allows for fun explorations and inventive ways of making, discovering new ideas and thoughts about design through a combination of practiced art techniques, trial and error.

Claire spends lots of time making art with children in schools and families in public spaces through her organisation Art Hoppers. Art Hoppers takes children’s art off the notice board and places it in the gallery showcasing children as the celebrated artists! Claire is super passionate about the power of art and creativity in bringing communities together, making people feel happier and giving each of us an exciting outlet for our individual experiences. Claire believes that by expressing ourselves creatively and learning the problem solving skills that go with making, we gain invaluable skills which open a world of opportunity!