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Caitlin Warren

Romulus, Michigan, US
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Job role:Industrial Designer

Skills:Sketching, 3d Modeling with Rhino, & Keyshot Rendering, Storyboarding

I am a Junior at College for Creative Studies who enjoys crafting imaginative, playful, and engaging solutions that resonate with audiences of all ages.

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Baby Playtime Crib
Posted about Baby Playtime Crib by Scarlett

Here’s a look at my 3D Model I created, will update you with a final shot, of what it looks like in a setting. These aren’t the final colors, those will be updated in the render I’ll be posting soon!

Baby Playtime Crib
Posted about Baby Playtime Crib by Scarlett

I’ve done two sketches from different angles, adding some fun design elements to it as well, I added a book shelf at the bottom, for a cleaner top surface as a lot of what was on top was the books, and turned the glowing buttons to be the side the baby could hit and make them glow, and opted for the shapes to be puzzle. Scarlett seemed pretty excited about the fur, so I decided to add it to other elements throughout the design as well. I opted out for a pillow, because babies should sleep on a firm, flat surface free of pillows, blankets, and other soft bedding until the age of one. I figured this crib would be for a baby 6 months+ based on what’s included and it being a crib. But if they have another idea in mind I’m interested in hearing it! I was not sure what a baby boxer was, and I get different results depending on what I look up, maybe there is a specific term I need to search? I can always add it in later on as well. 😁 This has been very fun to work on!

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