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Aleesha Doherty

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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Job role:1st year Product design student

Skills:Currently I'm building my skills in Sketching, Rendering, Fusion and Adobe.

I'm curently a first year product design student at Edinburgh Napier University! While I'm just starting my design journey, I enjoy modelling and would really like to improve my techniques. After getting an introduction into Little inventors... I love the work they do and I can't wait to see all the new ideas in the future.

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Final work.
Posted about Helper by Alma

This is the result of our making process of the Helper. We ended up with a full scale model, a character cardboard cut out and a poster. We also made some extra elements like a range of different felt fish to hand out to visitors of the exhibition and the rest of the little inventors.

Posted about Helper by Alma

We made a poster to go alongside the model for the Exhibition to help to bring together all aspects of the little inventors design. We used a range of blue tones and colourings that resembled the child's drawings. This added warmth and a more realistic aesthetic to the underwater model. ​

Posted about Helper by Alma

To go alongside the model, the little inventor drew a character who would operate the Helper. It was important we made this Character engaging and so we animated it, cut it out and made a stand to allow it to be presented well. ​

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