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Invent something spectacular with wool

By Ella Doran, Designer

Use Ella's activity pack to learn how to weave with wool and create your very own woven tapestry. You will learn all about the amazing environmental benefits of using wool and you can also try other materials like an old t-shirt or jeans to make your beautiful artwork.

Ella Doran is a designer who loves to work in all kinds of materials. She designs her own patterns by taking photographs of things on the street and in her studio and prints them onto mugs, trays and blinds. She also gives old furniture a new life by covering it in funky material!


Download the full set of activities to get started on this challenge.

Activity 1

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Wool, not just for jumpers

Discover all kinds of objects that can be made from wool and why it's such an amazing material. Start rummaging around your home and see how many things you can find that are made from wool - you might be surprised!

Activity 2

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Ella's exhibition

See what Ella has been doing with the wool she collected from sheep at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and be inspired by the work of a real designer!

Activity 3

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What's your colour palette?

Use this activity sheet to design your very own colour palette. Everyone has different favourite colours, and there are so many shades of every colour. Maybe you can invent a new colour and give it a special name?

Activity 4

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Time to make your tapestry!

Recycle an old picture frame into a tapestry frame to begin weaving. If you can't find an old picture frame you could make your own or make a frame from cardboard. This is the first step to making your spectacular wool invention.

Activity 5

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What will you weave?

Now you've made your frame you can start weaving. Follow Ella's step by step instructions to learn to weave like a pro! You can made all kinds of patterns and textures, and be inspired by your colour pallet to create a beautiful wall hanging.

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