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Invent a sensational super shoe

Take the Maker Challenge set by Izi Morley and be the maker of your own sensational super shoe! Explore sensations in your feet, create your own materials and invent a shoe that the world has never seen before.

Izi Morley is a costume maker and fabricator for film and TV. She loves using different materials to explore
outfits and accessories for interesting and wacky characters. Sometimes the characters live in space, sometimes they are Victorian and sometimes they aren’t even human!


Activity 1

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Shoes for everyone!

Begin by inventing and drawing shoes for all kinds of people and creatures. What will they look like, what features might they have, what colour will they be? Shoes are brilliant invention!

Activity 2

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How are they made?

Izi will teach you about the different parts that make up a shoe. They're more complex than you may think. Then you can follow the step by step instructions to start to make your own shoe sole using materials in your home or garden/park.

Activity 3

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Keep making!

Now you've made the sole of your shoe it's time to make the upper part. Follow the instructions in this activity to help you make your very own sensational super shoe. Upload a picture to social media and tag Little Inventors so we can see what you've made!

Activity 4

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Go totally bonkers with your invention

This activity will help you to think outside the box and create a wild and wacky shoe, that may be just for fun or very helpful. Could you plant a tree with your super shoe? Or bounce around like Tigger?

Activity 5

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Draw your shoe invention

Tell us about your invention and upload it (see below) for a chance to win a Little Inventors Book!

How to enter!

You can submit more than one invention idea.

Submit invention ideas through our upload page.

  1. Draw your inventionon the worksheet of the mini-challenge of your choice
  2. Scan or photograph the *whole* sheetas straight on as possible
  3. Upload it in JPEG, PNG or GIF format (choose a file)

Each invention idea will comprise of an image of a clear drawing, the name, age and location of the inventor, the name of the invention and a description, and a contact email address.

Examples of scanned images

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