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Tom, Alistair & Filip
Age 13 - 14Kimbolton, UK

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Richard Heayes has been working on making this idea real.
Final Product!
Posted by Richard Heayes

Today the final print arrived. We printed 250 games and they look great.

Creating the Final Game
Posted by Richard Heayes

After lots of testing the gameplay was modified to give it a closer link to the feeling that the players are working in labs. We didn't want any real battling between players in the game as that doesn't reflect what really happens in real life. But it is a game so it needs some elements of competition to make it fun. We wrote the final rules which were modified over 20 times before we were happy with them

Designing the Cards
Posted by Richard Heayes

I wanted the cards to reflect the original sketches so we looked at how these cards could look. I started with just two cards to test the look. They needed to be very clear and tell you the name of the  Cell  and which group they came from. I also thought it would be fun to make them appear as though they were under a microscope. The text is called 'Lorem Ipsum' it just fills space with a variety of made up words before you have the correct text you need.

Designing the Game
Posted by Richard Heayes

We took the basic game idea and started to test early prototypes on Table Topia. At this stage we are not worrying about graphics just focusing on how the game plays. From this testing, we made a series of changes to the gameplay.