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Wee Inventors at Edinburgh Napier

Edinburgh, UK February 2020 - October 2020

Wee Inventors consists of four Product Design students from Edinburgh Napier University -  Kathleen Craig, Lara Peters-Dougan, Katarzyna Pohorecka and Jordan Sills. We are passionate about creating and we aim to enthuse pupils from Oxgangs Primary School with the idea of inventing.

Wee Observers

Character Profiles

As designers, we know how important it is to bear in mind who we create for. That is why we asked children to come up with Character Profiles first. We inspired them to think of a person/an animal/an alien/a thing whose life needs improvement and put it on paper. We gave out character profile worksheets and assisted in developing their ideas. The outcome was around a hundred character profiles and inventions that would improve their life.

Wee Inventors

Invention Drawings

After the previous week's exercise we were ready to start the project. Wee Inventors went worldwide! Oxgangs Primary School was introduced to our umbrella topic - ‘Continents’. Each P4 and P5 class got their own continent to design for - Australia, Africa, Europe and South America.

We talked about countries, characteristics of different climate zones, animals, popular landmarks, inventions, famous faces, inhabitants and some of their daily activities and struggles. As a result, children came up with some great inventions for each continent.

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Wee Makers

Invention Prototypes

As Product Designers we wanted the pupils to experience different stages of the design process. After explaining to them some techniques of rapid and manual prototyping, we moved on to building models of their inventions. We supplied them with plasticine, cardboard and some personalised kits of various items and encouraged them to turn their 2D designs into 3D forms.

Wee Architects

Famous Buildings Redesigned

Staying within the topic of the continents, we talked about another branch of the creative industry - Architecture. We chose some famous buildings in Africa, Australia, Europe and South America and asked children to rebuild them using cardboard boxes and masking tape. It was a great lesson of teamwork and work organisation. Some teams went far and used their creativity to redesign famous landmarks. The result is, for example, a hot tub on top of the V&A Museum in Dundee and Mo Salah’s picture on the Egyptian pyramid.