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Visa's Junior Inventors' Day

London, UK

Visa's Junior Inventors' Day is on the horizon. Apply to take part and have the opportunity to be appointed Visa’s first ‘Junior Chief Innovation Officer’.

Become an inventor for the day and show the world just what your mind is capable of. Take part in this experience and see what it's like to be at the forefront of innovation and try your hand at lots of fun activities in collaboration with Visa's brightest minds.

Pitch your idea and receive expert advice, see how things work behind the scenes, and even interview a Visa expert!

Young people’s expectations have the potential to revolutionise economies. To explore these opportunities, Visa is inviting the next generation of innovators to put their ideas to the test in a human-centred design session.

The Junior Inventors’ Day will be hosted at Visa’s European HQ in London in early 2024. The person who creates the most innovative ideas on the day will have the chance to be appointed Visa’s first ‘Junior Chief Innovation Officer’.

Apply and read all about the event here.

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