Children's invention ideas made real
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Ravensbourne University

London, UK 14th January 2019 - 7th March 2019

Second-year design students from Ravensbourne University have teamed up with some of our Little Inventors to come up with invention ideas to help the world, based on 5 exciting invention topics. The students then have 8 weeks to make their inventions into real things...

Week 1 - Topic generation

The students at Ravensbourne started by thinking about what problems they could solve through invention. In teams, they came up with 5 invention challenges...

  • Invent a way to prevent littering
  • Invent a way to keep you safe in the city
  • Invent a way to make sport more colourful
  • Invent a way to use less plastic
  • Invent a way to make fast food healthy

These challenges became topics of inspiration to take to help their Little Inventors come up with some ingenious problem-solving invention ideas!

Week 2 - Invention workshop fun!

In teams of two, pupils in year 4 at Christchurch Primary School in Erith, together with the students, came up with some invention ideas...

To start, the students and pupils mind mapped some ideas around their chosen topics.

Once they discussed their ideas in pairs the students and the pupils drew down their invention ideas...

Some great ideas were created and there was even some time for some cardboard prototyping too!

Such as The Fat Sucker, by Hillary age 9


The students held an exhibition in the welcome area at the University as a celebration of their efforts. Some of the Little Inventors even came to see their invention ideas made real!