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Mission: Protect our Oceans Exhibition at the Montreal Science Centre

Montreal, Canada September 2022 - December 2024

A selection of made-real objects from the NSERC Mission: Protect our Oceans challenge are currently being exhibited at the Montreal Science Centre.

Visit the challenge microsite here!

Oceans cover more than two-thirds of our planet's surface and provide food, generate oxygen, and regulate our climate. The Mission: Protect our Oceans challenge highlighted the dangers they face. We partnered with NSERC to ask the children of Canada to invent something to improve the health of our oceans and the lives of sea animals.

We received over 700 invention ideas from across Canada. We saw everything from submarines shaped like various ocean animals, to special boats that prevent over-fishing, to a unicorn mermaid that collects plastic!

exhibition 1

Our top invention picks from the challenge were made real by some seriously fantastic makers. A selection of those made-real objects are currently being featured in an exhibition at the Montreal Science Centre, so they can implore everyone who visits to learn about the challenges our oceans face and how we can protect them.

Following a successful initial run of the exhibition, we are delighted that it will be remaining at the Science Centre for a further year of educational and imaginative invention fun!

exhibition 2