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MISD: Mission Blue: Oceans!

US 23rd April 2021 - 7th May 2021

We all know how essential our water resources are and so we need your ideas to help to protect them and to keep them healthy, to help the people whose livelihoods come from working in them, and celebrate all the wonderful creatures which live underwater.

MISD Mission Blue: Oceans!

Your ideas can be practical or serious, or wonderfully bonkers! Think big, or small, and send us your ideas. A handful of ideas will be selected to be brought to life by our team of magnificent makers, creators, CGI artists and animators, and we will share as many of your ideas as possible right here on this website.

Take a deep dive with your imagination!

Download the resource packs and watch the videos to help you get started and help you tackle the oceans threats!

Upload your invention ideas by May 7 2021