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Little Inventors Napier X Dalry Primary

Edinburgh, UK January 2024 - May 2024

Little Inventors Napier X Dalry Primary is a project lead by three Edinburgh Napier University students; Katie, Eve and Sourav. It aimed to inspire children from Dalry Primary School about the world of Design and invention.

Week 1- Introduction to Little inventors!

This session started out with a presentation from the little inventors leader, Lottie Smith. The presentation explained the whole idea of little inventors and what the project entailed. It also had some examples of children's inventions and videos of manufacturers making them come to life!

After this, the 1st years were given a project for the rest of the day. The project was to take a child's idea from the little inventors website and make it come to life, via cardboard modeling. It was important that the 1st years made the cardboard model resemble their chosen child's idea as much as possible. During this, they also learned new cardboard techniques which would've helped them along the way.

As they did this, we went round the tables and introduced ourselves as the 3rd years. We answered any questions they had about the upcoming project! Everyone seemed to be excited about this project.

Before leaving today's session we introduced them to the themes we would be exploring in this project. These were, The Ocean, The Sky and On Earth. We split them up into these themes so we could get stuck in on our first lesson with them!


First Lesson with Dalry Primary School!

To begin with we did a quick presentation explaining what little inventors was as well as show them what we did (as first years) when we did the project. Everyone looked excited to start, so we kept it brief. Once we did our presentation, we got the teachers to split the children up into 3 groups, this meant that we all had a group and theme each. Although we all went into separate rooms, we followed a plan we made together earlier on in that week!

To start with, we all had a discussion about what problems we face currently (in our theme) and how we could invent something to help us protect our planet in the future. The children had a good understanding of what we could invent! We got started immediately!

We got the children to make characters that could use their inventions! this made it more personal to them! The children let their imagination run wild! Some of the characters we got were, Minnie Mouse, The Statue of Liberty, Pets and much more! we had lots!

We then got the children to start inventing! They were very eager to start, so we handed out paper and they got stuck in with drawing, scribbling and colouring in. The children came up with crazy inventions such as a scooter that turned rubbish into electricity! a robot that stored rain water for hot sunny days to water plants, we saw it all!

IMG_0413 2.jpg

Second Lesson with Dalry Primary School!

We began by going over with them the schedule of activities for today with us. They completed their final inventions on the given Little Inventors sheet before the class began. However, we had them practice on blank paper before they sketched their final ideas to make sure they were comfortable moving on to the official Little Inventor Sheet!

We gave them the mini-task of creating a wild life profile once they had finished their inventions. They had to sketch non-pet animals from the group themes for this project. They were all so very excited to make their on animals!

We provided the teachers with self-evaluation forms for the children to complete before we left. Such as draw themselves and what they learned as inventors!