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Get making with cardboard artist Lottie Smith!

Worldwide April 2020 - December 2041

Calling all little inventors! So you've thought of an invention idea, drawn it, and now you want to take it to the next step - making a prototype!

Take inspiration from Little Inventors Magnificent Maker and cardboard artist Lottie Smith as she shows you how to work with cardboard and recyclable materials. Do try this at home, take care with scissors and get some adult help!

In this series of 12 short videos, we’re going to show you some great hints and tips about making your own invention models. Download our Get Making pack on our resource page for all the info you might need! There are also six tutorials too to help you with your project - happy making!

You will find an introduction to materials, learn about some basic cardboard skills such as scoring and strengthening, making circles and cones, but also how to connect pieces together with flanges, tabs and slots.

Another great way to work with cardboard and paper is to play with textures, by folding, fringing, layering, but you can also use the corrugations of carboard to create curves.

You then might want to add movement to your model, using rotation to make a cuff, add dials and buttons to your idea, or even wheels and axles!


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