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Dominic at the Mouvo Conference

Prague, Czech Republic

Dominic is heading to Prague to speak at the world-class annual Mouvo Conference.

The conference features an esteemed panel of speakers across the two-day event along with a range of design-related activities.

The Mouvo digital art conference is held annually in Prague. The topic of Mouvo 2024 reflects the autonomous creation of machine learning, freed from human control, currently communicated as artificial intelligence.

speaker at table

The talks cover a diverse range of digital communication topics with the speakers hailing from the worlds of graphic design, animation, video, and new technologies.

The conference aims to get participants closer to the best industry movers, learn from them and get inspired by their cutting-edge creations.

Chief Inventor Dominic will inspire those in attendance on March 2nd with his unique perspective on art, design and invention.

conference talk

From his renowned GPS Shoes to his Stained Glass Driverless Car of the Future, Dominic's work offers fresh ideas on what is possible, underpinned by the importance of allowing the imagination to flourish against the constraints of external influences.

It is due to be an inspiring and thought-provoking experience, with tickets available here.