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Become an inventing supernova! The Little Inventors in Space activity book is full of ideas to help you come up with new stellar inventions.

We are forever in awe of the mysteries and possibilities of space. There is so much we still don't know about our universe. This means there is plenty of room to invent things that can be used in space or help us live in space or allow us to explore new corners of the galaxy! Inventing really can take you places.

The mix of hopes and challenges that space presents is perhaps exactly what makes space and inventing such good companions. Inventions like freeze-dried food, memory foam, and huge, powerful rockets all help astronauts navigate their space adventures.

What will you invent that is out of this world? A contraption to help us travel across the moon? A translator so we can understand alien speak? A home for dogs in space? You can get technical and precise if you want but you can also put aside rules and laws of physics and let your imagination really go into orbit.

Ready for take-off? Send us all of your space-tastic invention ideas below!

How to enter!

You can submit more than one invention idea.

Submit invention ideas through our upload page.

  1. Draw your inventionon the Little Inventors worksheet
  2. Scan or photograph the *whole* sheetas straight on as possible
  3. Upload it in JPEG, PNG or GIF format (choose a file)

Each invention idea will comprise of an image of a clear drawing, the name, age and location of the inventor, the name of the invention and a description, and a contact email address.

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