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Katy Hackers

South Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK
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Skills:Digital 3D Animation as well as 2D Design and Motion Graphics.

I started animating in 2D, working on motion graphics. After 3 years I decided to pick up 3D modelling and have since learnt to rig, animate and render for 3D animations. 

I’m continuing to challenge myself with new styles of design and animation.

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Getting into the specifics feeding the Hamster
Posted about Food Transfer 2032 by Mathew

I’ve been sketching out my initial interpretation from Mathews drawing. 

Mathews idea has led me to thinking about the way the food will be dropped onto the cars and shipped to the hamster. My idea for this is to use a hamster tube (like what they’d run through) but the food will be sucked through the tube to place onto each car for it to be taken to the hamster.

I’m also sketching ideas for the cars to be able to flip the food at the hamster as the car passes his wheel so that the busy little guy can just keep going while he eats.

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